One of Nebraska's Best Sources of Quality Two-Year-Old Angus Range Bulls

Welcome to Carl Dethlefs & Sons Angus

Annual Production Sale
Second Saturday of January

Carl Dethlefs & Sons Angus is a registered Angus herd that is located along the Middle Loup River near Rockville, Ne. It is currently owned and operated by Jerry and his wife Dianna, along with their son Gary and his wife Darlene. Gary's two sons, Connor and Clayton, are also heavily involved in the operation. It all started in 1950 when Jerry's father Carl purchased his first set of registered Angus cows. A few years later, Carl and Jerry started hosting an annual production sale.

Currently, our sale is hosted on the second Saturday of January where 100+ two-year old bulls are marketed. These are not leftover yearling bulls, they are raised specifically for our annual sale. We don't “push” our bulls; they are on a high roughage diet and roam on pasture until the day of the sale. They get plenty of exercise and are always in the right condition to go to work for you. We take pride in raising top quality two-year old bulls and feel that we have the best selection of older bulls in the state of Nebraska.

Our cowherd is 100% registered Angus and consists of 500+ mature cows and 150 bred heifers. Since the 1970's our operation has used artificial insemination extensively to produce the best genetics possible, with the majority of our females being bred via AI. Along with marketing two-year old bulls, we sell 100-150 replacement/bred heifers privately each year. The steer mates to the bulls are finished and sold on the grid to take advantage of carcass merit.

We expect our cow herd to survive the same way a commercial herd does every day. We don't chase EPD's; instead, we focus on breeding sound, functional cattle. The cows are expected to have good dispositions, calve unassisted, raise a heavy calf, and rebreed in a timely manner year after year. We equally value growth, carcass, and maternal traits in our cattle. We strive to provide the best Angus genetics to our customers and treat them with fairness and honesty. Our goal is to continue breeding cattle to benefit our customers and the industry into the future. In a highly competitive cattle industry, it has never been more important to use the best genetics available.